Keine Töne, aber ein paar Worte zum neuen Album …

… spricht Jared Leto auf MTV. Auszug:

Thirty Seconds To Mars‘ New Album Is ‚An Evolution‘

‚We’ve gone to an entirely new place,‘ Jared Leto tells MTV News about Mars‘ upcoming album.

Thirty Seconds to Mars‚ new single hadn’t even reached the International Space Station when Jared Leto got on the phone with MTV News to discuss its rather epic (and quite literal) launch on Friday morning … but, as is often the case with him, he was already moving on to the band’s next project: their new album.

„This is the first time I’m really talking about the album, and when you talk about these things it helps you put them into perspective,“ he said. „I just mastered it two days ago, and we’re still toying with it, but it’s been turned in and it’s finished.“

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