Interviews vom SXSW 2013

Mit Eonline sprach Jared Leto gestern auf dem SXSW-Festival über seine Rolle im Film „The Dallas Buyers Club“.


Jared Leto’s Shocking Weight Loss to Play Transsexual With AIDS: Lost 30 Pounds, Dropped to 116

Jared Leto plays a transsexual with AIDS in the ’80s in his first film in five years, The Dallas Buyers Club.

You may have seen some of the shocking images of photos of him while shooting the movie. Like his costar Matthew McConaughey, he lost about 30 pounds for the role. The movie is the real-life story of a Texan with AIDS (McConaughey) in the 1980s who smuggled alternative drug treatments into the U.S. from Mexico

„I got down to 116 or something,“ Leto told me yesterday at the Fast Company Grill at SXSW.

Zum vollständigen Interview inklusive Video: eonline →

Auch auf YouTube findet ihr das Video zum obigen Artikel sowie ein wenig Geflüster vom roten Teppich: